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Unique Computer Needs? A Custom Built PC Has You Covered!

What are some of the things that you value most when you are considering purchasing a new PC? Many people may have very general needs that most late model PCs (and even some older PCs) are able to manage effectively. From simple web browsing to word processing and simple computer games such as Solitaire or Hearts, many shelf-ready computer systems are capable of handling many general requirements.

However, to many computer users the basic needs of much of the population come nowhere close their own unique and diverse requirements. Whether extra RAM is needed to appropriately power the latest interactive online game or if additional hard drive space is necessary for storing large, select files, shelf-PCs are not always the best option. For those who are looking to create a PC that caters to their exact needs and desired specifications, customizable PCs are definitely the best option!

Limitless RAM to Accentuate Any Personality 

What are some characteristics of customized PCs that make them different than shelf-ready computers? The uniqueness that a customizable computer provides can make the machine seem like an extension of the user’s personality. By showing the digital world something about yourself through your PC, you are telling them who you are and how seriously you take your computer needs. Next, customizable PCs allow users to better control the overall speeds that different computer applications can enjoy.

For many, the common shelf-ready speeds are oftentimes sufficient, but for users who expect to run a number of computer applications simultaneously, additional RAM will be required for optimal performance. Thankfully, RAM is a rather easy-to-install feature, even in larger amounts, and does not significantly raise the cost of the customized PC. However, the amount of added efficiency that is achieved in return for a nominal investment can be tremendous!

Incredible Graphics Cards for Unbeatable Performance

No conversation about customizing PCs would be complete without addressing the gaming aspect that is oftentimes associated with the customization practice. As gaming and the games themselves become increasingly complex, computers must constantly improve their capabilities in order to guarantee appropriate gaming performance. However, in many cases, shelf-ready PCs are not able to accommodate the requirements that these games require. In many cases, one of the major downfalls of shelf-ready PCs are their lack of graphic cards at all or, if they do have graphic cards, these cards are not powerful enough to properly display games’ visuals. The compromised graphics cannot only create a less-than-ideal appearance but can also negatively affect player performance, especially in real-time, interactive games. Lagging graphics and slow processing speeds can lead to dead player characters very quickly!

With a customized PC, you not only have the option to include a graphic card, but have almost free reign to include any kind of card that you desire. By having a good idea of the graphical requirements that your favorite games need, you can make the most educated decisions on the types of graphics cards to include during the customization process! The one issue that some may have with customizing their PCs with high-quality graphics cards is the fact that these cards are oftentimes quite expensive. However, with the large variety of types of cards and sheer number available, an affordable option that meets all or most gaming needs is within the reach of everyone.

Bottomless Hard Drives and Panoramic Monitors!

Another aspect that was briefly mentioned earlier but deserves more attention when talking about customizing PCs is the ability to further customize PCs via the limitless number of hard drive options available. Like the RAM options mentioned earlier (and unlike the graphics card options), hard drives are generally very affordable and even very spacious hard drives will be within just about everyone’s price range. However, the true advantage that customization offers in this area is the ability to install alternative drives, such as solid state speed drives. These drives can drastically decrease a PC’s boot up speed, getting the user to work or their games much quicker. Although these drives are considerably more expensive than traditional hard drives, having the option to include them in a customized PC should not be understated.

While aspects such as monitor size and the responsiveness and quality of a mouse and keyboard are pretty easy to control with self-ready pcs, customized PCs still allow users to have even greater control over these areas than users with standard machines. Because customized computers can include unique specifications they may fit monitors, mice, and keyboards that may only function when coupled with a select machine. Once again, gaming PCs may provide better overall performance and responsiveness if certain keyboards or mice are utilized and these accessories may require specifications that only a customized machine can provide. Monitors, like the other mentioned accessories, can also be rather flexibly connected to different CPUs, but the customization process can actually extend to the monitors as well! While some may desire larger monitors than what is usually offered or is generally paired with a particular shelf-ready PC, others may desire monitors with the higher quality resolution for increased viewing pleasure. Some ambitious customizers take monitor customization to another level, creating screens that rival the largest TV flat screens! These monitors are oftentimes mounted and can create a truly unique computer experience!

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