How to Transfers Contacts from Old Mobile Phone to New One

Well the most tedious thing after changing your mobile phone is perhaps the transferring of all of your contacts from the old device to the new device. Now are there any easy ways to do it? Of course there are and today I am going to discuss all of them so that you never again bothered by such a tiresome time consuming task.

You can do that in a lot many ways like synchronizing your phone with Microsoft exchange server which will swap your contacts to your new phone in no time once you connect with it or if you are lucky enough or wise enough that while making new purchase you bought a type a of phone that hardware is similar to the old one than you can just transfer your contacts from your SIM card of that old mobile phone to new one. While for the same reasons some phone dealers offer software’s for contacts transfer for instance Verizon’s app for contacts backup. Now in case you having a really bad day and none of these methods come in handy I still have few tricks that are far better than punching in single name and number into your phone book.

Guidelines for different Mobile Phones contact transfer

For iOS smart phones

First of all you need to download the itunes if you don’t have it on your personal computer from Apple website. Once done with downloading, click to open it.

  • Connect your old iphone to its USB cord and plug that into your computer. Now once the itunes finds out that iphone has been connected it will show up “Devices” key on the left side of itunes window with a confirmation that your iphone has been connected.
  • After that scroll to your phone symbol and there click the “info” key that pops up at the top. Now to transfer your iphone contacts to your computer phone book all you need is to click on “Sync Address book contacts” in Mac and if you have windows you will have option of “Sync Contacts with” and that’s it.
  • Now to move the contacts to your new iphone all you got to do is unplug the old iphone from your computer and connect the new one via that USB cord. After that scroll and click on your phone sign and hit “Apply” that is down in bottom corner to transfer your contacts from your computer to your phone.

For Android Phones

  • Now if you are fan of androids you can do the similar thing but this time it require two things on your phone one is internet service second is Gmail account. Now if your android doesn’t have a Gmail app which is very rare case, than just download one and your are good to go to step two.
  • Click on the Gmail app you just downloaded or have it preinstalled on your android phone and sign in. Now as soon as you sign in the Gmail automatically transfer your phonebook to its online database.
  • Now login with your Gmail at your new android phone which will update your phonebook on your new android phone and that’s it.


Well by having a Gmail account at your android phone you can use it for transfer of contacts from different phones. So it’s not just about android phones.

For BlackBerry Phones

  • Now if you own BB than all you got to do is to install BlackBerry desktop software on your personal computer and connect your BlackBerry phone to it via USB cord.
  • Open the installed software and click twice on the tab “Back and Restore” tab which will enable the software to transfer your phone contacts to your computer.
  • Now disconnect your old phone from the USB cord and attach the new one and click again on the “Back and Restore” to transfer your contacts from your computer to your new BlackeBerry. The BlackBerry provides this particular software in both Mac and Windows.


Some of the phones in Motorola’s Droid demands a special kind of procedure to transfer contacts like putting comma separated values or CSV before utilizing Versions, Yahoo or Gmail backup systems.

For Windows Phone OS7

  • In Windows Phone OS7 you can do the whole contact transfer thing from your old phone to new one via SIM card, all you need to do is to remove the SIM card from your old phone and put it inside your new phone.
  • Now hit the “Start” on your mobile phone and after that hit “People”. Now inside that hit “More” after that “Settings” and finally “Import SIM contact” and that’s it. Just follow the guidelines for moving your contacts after that. And once you are done you can replace the old SIM with the new one.


In case your mobile phone doesn’t have SIM card than the above procedure for transferring contacts won’t work and for that you got to consult with your cellular service provider.

Command list and SIM card location may vary in different brands of mobile phone. For that you can leave your query with us and we will give you the relative info soon.

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