How To Recover Permanently Deleted File ( Windows7/ Windows8)?

Remember the moment when you delete some important data from the computer accidentally. This happens to me a lots of time. You can backup them from recycle bin, but what if you deleted the file by pressing shift+delete because it permanently removes the file from the computer. I have a solution for it which will help you to get back all your deleted data. You can find a lots of software on Internet which allows user to recover deleted data. But most of them are are very heavy to use and also to heavy in size. Today I got application which is very simple to use and also very light in size(1.3 MB). The name of that software is UnDeleteMyFiles Pro. It sounds like Paid Software but actually it is FREE !!

Source : https://seriousbit.com/content/images/undelete_main.png

You can also do some thing more with this software apart from Recovering. You can see some more option apart from  File Rescue. Lets have look on them and know them.

  1. File Rescue– It helps you to recover all your deleted file of your computer hard disk. I am going to use this to tell you How to Recover Deleted File From Computer
  2. Files Wipper– This is an extra feature which permanently deletes the file from the computer that’s means no software or application can’t be recover that file from your computer.
  3. Media Recovery– This work same as File rescue but only with media files- Audio, Video, Images etc. That mean only recovers deleted Audio, Video and Images.
  4. Emergency Disk Image– Allows you to backup a specific folder in a single file. You can restore the backup files.
  5. Delete File Search– This option search only the deleted files of selected drive.
  6. Mail Rescue– This option allows you to restore deleted email from different email application.
  7. About– This option shows some details of the software and the developers.
  8. Exit– This exit the application.

How To Use UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

  • First of all Download UnDeleteMyFiles Pro From Here.
  • Install it On your Computer and open.( Its install process is very simply as other normal software )
  • After Opening The software You Can see a lots of Menu. Just click on File Rescue Icon.
  •  Now Select your drive from which you delete the file by checking the check box and click scan..
  • Now you can see total number of deleted file of that drive. Now click OK and search for your deleted file. After finding your file select the file by clicking the check box and click The recover. As shown below images.
  • Now choose your desire location where you want to save that file. After choosing the location it will show a confirm massage, here click YES
  •  Congrats your Deleted file has been recovered. Now enjoy

Hope you lie it.

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