Best Paraphrasing Tool (Free & Paid) – 2021

15+ Best Paraphrasing Tool Online (Free & Paid) – 2022

Do you have a website or blog to share your best ideas and content but feel frustrated about the fact that people are not reading it? The best paraphrasing tool can be used on various platforms like blogs, websites, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and more. You will find many free online paraphrasing tools as well as paid ones available for purchase. In this post we would like to introduce top 15+ best paraphrasing tools in detail including their features, advantages and disadvantages so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing one.

What is mean by paraphrasing?

A paraphrase is a restatement of the meaning given by an author in another way. It should retain the same general meaning as well as the basic structure, but not be a word-for-word copy. A good paraphrasing does not have to take much time or effort on your part – it can be done with just two steps: finding synonyms for words you wish to replace and then reorganizing sentences so that they stay coherent while following natural grammar rules best suited for them.

What is paraphrasing tool?

A paraphrasing tool will help you to make sure that your content is unique and original. While paraphrasing may seem difficult as you begin, there are tools that can help make the process easier. Rewriting text to sound like the original author is essential with any type of academic writing or thesis. With increasing use of plagiarism detection software in schools and colleges, students are choosing free paraphrase sites available on the internet.

Paid services offer a wider variety of features for authors with more needs too; from speedy turnaround times to catchy headlines while still guaranteeing authenticity.

How Paraphrasing Tools Work?

The best paraphrasing tool work by rewriting your original content and transforming it into a new, different article. This is similar to what you would do if you were summarizing an essay or book chapter while still trying to keep the message from the author intact.

Some paraphrasing tools use AI(Artificial Intelligence) to automatically rewrite your content. Others offer a free paraphrasing tool that will require you to manually complete the task; and then there are paid services with features best suited for authors who need more than just basic functionality.

For best results, start out with a fresh document so that there are no formatting errors when pasting text from other sources – this will make sure that the final result looks clean and professional every time!

What is difference between Paraphrasing Tool Online vs Offline?

Paid services offer a wider variety of features for authors with more needs too; from speedy turnaround times to catchy headlines while still guaranteeing authenticity.

Online paraphrasing tool is best for when you need a quick edit or to make some changes in the text without wasting time. Offline version is best if you want to rewrite an entire document, add images/charts and other media files easily that will help your content look better on any device (mobile phone, tablet). Alternatively, if you are looking for something new online then try one of best free paraphrase tools!

List of Top 15 Best Paraphrasing Tools (Free & Paid)

1. Spin Rewriter – Best Paraphrasing Tool (Free Trial/Paid)

Spin Rewriter is a best article paraphrasing tool that helps you make new sentences. It has been around for many years and is one of the best ones. The Spin Rewriter team has continued to create new features. Some of the latest ones are in version 11, which was released in November 2020.

Spin rewriter paraphrasing tool

It has many features including integration with stock photos, the ability to spin and export in bulk, and more .If you are looking for a cheap way to rewrite sentences, it could be the best option. It only costs $77 for a year.

Spin Rewriter uses ENL (emulated natural language) semantic spinning technology that makes your words sound more like humans. It will make your words sound like you wrote them and not a computer! This will help get better search engine rankings for your articles.

You can also use it to spin off ideas, create article titles or improve content on any web page by making sure that the sentences flow well together. Spin Rewriter is powerful article spinner software for content marketers, SEO and SMO experts.

It is best article rewriter tool to rewrite articles with the advanced paraphrasing algorithm that quickly generates readable content.

Spin Rewriter Pricing

There are three different plans you can choose from. Along with other features, it also provides a five-day free trial period for people to experience the Spin Rewriter.

  • Monthly plan – For $47 per month, you get unlimited articles, an ENL Spinning Algorithm, and the ability to bulk spin or mass export.
  • Yearly priced at $77/year for unlimited articles, ENL Spinning Algorithm, bulk spinning, and 5 days free trial.
  • At $497, you will get the software for your lifetime and can paraphrase unlimited articles.

2. WordAI – Best online tool for paraphrasing (Free Trial/Paid)

WordAI is the best online paraphrasing tool that can be used for producing content. It has many algorithms to choose from and you can use it as a 3 days free trial service or upgrade your account to premium.

The best thing about WordAI’s algorithm is its ability to detect plagiarism automatically, without any need for inputting source texts manually (as required by other services).


  • You can use WordAi to make an article sound different. It only takes a single click.
  • Besides English, it also supports other languages such as French, Spanish, and Italian.
  • The WordAi tool also comes with an HTML editor for easy styling, spinning or editing images and video.
  • WordAi is the best paraphrasing software because it not only changes words or sentences, but also changes the order of the sentences.

WordAi Pricing

There is one monthly plan and one yearly plan. Both plans offer a free trial period of 3 days. This way, you can find out if the software works before you buy it.

  • Monthly Plan – $49.95/month
  • Yearly Plan – $24.95/month billed annually

What’s more! If you are feeling a little lazy but still want high quality content, let this software do all the work needed – just select the article type and wait until it produces an excellent text in seconds!

3. Paraphrase Online – Free Online Paraphrasing Tool (Free)

A paraphrase online is a best tool for you if you are likely to write content on regular basis. This software offers a real time paraphrasing and can save your time from rewriting texts over again.

The paraphrasing online tool offers a fast and free way to rephrase phrases, sentences, essays and articles.

paraphrasing tool online

Paraphrase Online also has high customer satisfaction rating of 84% which proves its quality service as well as benefits it provides for customers who need this kind of help in writing articles discussing different aspects of life such as entertainment, fashion etc.

4. Chimp Rewriter – Professional Paraphrasing Tool (Free Trial/Paid)

Chimp Rewriter is an online paraphrasing tool best for any blogger, writer or anyone who needs to produce content. It’s a completely unique way of rephrasing text that guarantees uniqueness of the rewritten sentences with zero plagiarism issues.

Chimp Rewriter will help you make your content better. The combination of intelligent automatic rewriting and manual spinning tools for content has made it easier to write a lot of content. The speed and quality of this product will not be found in any other product.

Chimprewriter paraphrasing tool


  • Chimprewriter can be downloaded and used as an automatic paraphrasing tool. Artificial intelligence and natural language processing are utilized to ensure that the content will make sense to real people.
  • Chimp Rewriter supports many languages. It also has a thesaurus in English, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German French and more.
  • You’ll find that it’s API integrates with different SEO tools such as GSA SER, WP robot, Ultimate demon and also the SEO content machine.

Chimp Rewriter Pricing

Chimp Rewriter has two pricing tiers: monthly and yearly. Both plans include 1500 API requests and updates, but the paid plan includes more benefits. Free Plan features free software updates, and use on two computers. Furthermore, the tool is free for 14 days. You can use it to explore how it works before paying money.

  • Monthly – $15/month
  • Yearly – $99/year

5. Spinner Chief 6.0 – Paraphrase Tool (Free/Free Trial/Paid)

Spinner Chief is free as well paid online paraphrasing tool best for content to be used at blogs, websites and essays. It has a spun article length from 100 words to 400 words or more with the original meaning preserved in many cases. This is one of best ways to save time when writing something important. There are no limits on ‘article spinning’ – you can choose your desired word count!

Spinner Chief 6.0 paraphrasing tool

This Paraphrasing tool uses a new technology called Statistical Replacement Technology (SRT). This technology is like the Google Translate you use.


  • It is the only software that provides a web-based application and desktop application at no additional cost.
  • The batch spin function allows you to rewrite thousands of articles in a single click.
  • Cloud based online thesaurus is created by real people and it supports more than 20 languages.
  • Apart from that, this program has many other features like fix grammar errors, developer API, Copyscape integration and lots of other things.
  • One of the main benefits of using SpinnerChief’s free rewriting software is that they provide users with an opportunity to make corrections before publishing their articles by checking spelling errors and even grammar mistakes if necessary within some selected sentences which were rewritten by this program.

The premium versions of the website include Elite for $197 which includes NLP and AI tools. Ultimate is $307 and the Team version is best for teams to create and manage content, because it costs $627.

6. Spinbot – online paraphrasing tool (Free/Paid)

Spinbot is best paraphrasing tool online for free. The tool instantly changes the words in a story that is about 1000 words or 10,000 characters. With a single click one can turn an article or antiquated blog post into a whole new piece of work, which decreases the pressure on content creation.

Spinbot takes the words you type and makes them into more text. It looks like the words you typed but it has a different meaning. You can also change capitalized words, or leave them the same.

With a paid subscription, the tool is available via your web browser and offers simplified watermarking for rewritten text. Plans are available – $10 for month, $50 for 6 months, or $75 for years.

7. Clever Spinner – unique paraphrase tool (Free/Paid)

A best paraphrasing tool which can be used as a free online and offline software.

It is the best choice for you to rewrite your sentences by changing words, phrases, or paragraphs in order to create new endings that sound natural and make sense with the rest of your content. It has a professional editor who will be your hand-holder to ensure you achieve best paraphrases.

Cleverspinner article spinner tool

CleverSpinner offers 3 day trial and after that they charge $9.90/month with 30 days satisfaction guaranteed. You will get it right away if an article needs editing so keep on working!

8. Prepostseo Paraphrasing tool (Free)

Prepostseo free paraphrasing tool which save your time and increase your productivity by rewriting sentences to make them more readable.

The advantage of it, you don’t need any training or skills in English Grammar for this paraphrasing tool because it’s an automated text rewriter.

Prepostseo Free Paraphrasing tool

This tool will take your text and then rewrite it to be better. It won’t change the meaning of your words. Prepostseo paraphrased tools are designed for college students, teachers, bloggers and other people who write articles on regular basis to produce better quality content without wasting much time as well as effort.

9. – Best Free Paraphrasing tool (Free) is a free best paraphrasing tool that can replace your current writing assistant to help you get started with the best content writing experience. paraphrasing tool

It provides copy and paste function, so it’s easy for anyone to use without any knowledge of how to write well or personal touch

Users are offered 100% original readymade content which guarantees quality in terms of uniqueness and consistency. You won’t have trouble meeting deadlines anymore!

10. Seomagnifier – Free Online Paraphrasing Tool (Free)

Seomagnifier is best free paraphrasing tool which can be used online, with no downloads and installations required. It has a unique algorithm that detects all the sentences in source text sentence by sentence to offer best matching synonyms for selected target words.

Seomagnifier paraphrasing tool

The service provides automated article spinning (i.e., rewriting existing content), so you’ll get different versions from one single document without actually writing anything yourself. There are more than 7 languages available including English, French, Spanish, German etc.

11. Plagiarismdetector – Paraphrasing Tool (Free)

Plagiarismdetector online article rewriter is a powerful tool that creates quality content. This tool can help you keep the meaning of the original source. The wording will be changed, but the words that are important will not change.

Plagiarismdetector paraphrasing tool

This tool allows the user to be shown paragraphs of material that is worth reading, as well as a copy that they can use for themselves. The utility has many benefits for webmasters and other professionals who need to write a lot of content. The process that our algorithm follows is straightforward. It replaces synonyms with words and keeps the meaning of what was written unchanged.

12. Bestrewriter – Free Paraphrasing tool (Free)

Bestrewriter is a free online paraphrasing tool. It allows to rewrite sentences, paragraphs or articles in seconds and shares them with others on social networks. When you use the Best Rewriter, it understands your article’s wording and instantly creates a new one that is similar to human writing.

Bestrewriter paraphrasing tool

Bestrewriter has an intuitive interface where you can enter your text by copy/paste or from clipboard, you can also enter URL of site from where you want to rephrase the content and then click the big button “Fixed Rewrite” and it will automatically generate a new version of that content – rewritten sentence(s) are highlighted red so you can easily identify which part was changed.

13. The Best Spinner 4.0 – Best article paraphraser (Paid)

One of the best online paraphrasing tools is a program called The Best Spinner 4. This website supports 14 different languages. You can change your article to your preferred language.

Thebestspinner paraphrasing tool


  • The best spinner 4.0 can make audio files of any article. It uses cutting-edge text-to-speech technology to do this.
  • The Best Spinner 4 will change the words so that it is not the same as other articles.
  • You can use this paraphrasing tool to do unlimited nested spinning. You can go deeper into the paragraphs as you want.
  • The Best Spinner can create 100 versions of your original content and share it quickly on your website.
  • Compare any two articles side-by-side to see if they are different, and have duplicated text highlighted.

Pricing of The Best Spinner 4.0

Sadly, this paraphrasing tool doesn’t offer a free trial. However, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if the software is not able to meet your needs.

Here are the 3 different plans you can opt for

  • Basic for casual user – $67 for a year.
  • Standard most popular – $127 for a year.
  • Pro best value – $247 for a year.

14. Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool (Free/Paid)

Quillbot, best paraphrasing tool is designed to help you with the process of rewriting content. You may be surprised at just how many people are looking for a way to get their work done without it being plagiarized from other sources like Wikipedia or other essays.

Quillbot paraphrasing tool

QuillBot engineers and researchers have trained the AI models to write like a human. There are different modes for how it writes (Standard, Fluency, Creative, Creative+, Formal, Shorten and Expand) and you can choose which one you want. All of these are included in the freemium plan.

  • Standard: This mode will balance any changes made to your content while also maintaining the meaning of the original sentence.
  • Fluency: This is a mode in Word for text that makes the spelling, grammar, and meaning of your content more accurate.
  • Creative: If you want to change the text, you can do that here. This may change the coherency and meaning of the results.
  • Creative+: This is an improved version of Creative Mode. It understands things like common phrases and sayings in the language.
  • Formal: This changes your writing so that it sounds better for more formal audiences. This is good for academic papers or business reports.
  • Shorten: This means you can shorten your content but it still has the same meaning. You should use this when you want to make your text smaller or use less words.
  • Expand: This tool tries to increase your text length by adding as many words as possible, and is ideal for an overall higher word count.

Quillbot Paraphrase Tool has been around since 2013 and they offer some free services while also offering paid packages as well, so authors can have a choice in what best suits them best.

15. SmallSEOTools – Free Best Paraphrasing tool (Free)

SmallSEOTools is a platform that makes life easier for everyone. Therefore, you don’t need to go through any difficult processes for using the rephrase online utility. You need to follow the steps below:

SmallSEOtools paraphrasing tool
  1. At the top of this webpage, you will see a box where you have to enter the words that you want to be changed. The smallseotool rephrase tool gives you multiple options for uploading the text. You can type the text, paste it, select a file from your device, or choose it from cloud storage.
  2. Click on the “Rephrase Article” button.
  3. The paraphrasing tool will work quickly and show you the rephrased version of the text you have entered.
  4. The results of this tool will show words that have been changed with their synonyms. The tool will offer different options for suggested words and phrases.


  • Extended word limit: This rephrase online tool will help you to make your words shorter. You can rephrase 2000 words with single click.
  • Context-based rephrasing: SmallSEOtools paraphrase tool tries to understand the original article and generate similar results.
  • Advanced services for free: This free online tool will help you rewrite content. This service will remain free even if you use it more than once a day.
  • Security of your data: The text you enter is removed from the database as soon as it is paraphrased.

16. Rewritertools – Paraphrasing tool (Free)

Rewritertools is an online paraphrasing and plagiarism detection program that helps increase your productivity by allowing you to rephrase article sentences, paragraphs or whole documents in just seconds.

It offers an effective way to rewrite practically unlimited text instantly with its powerful yet easy to operate website interface.

Rewriter paraphrasing tool

Final Thoughts

Writing is hard. You need to work hard and take your time. It takes a lot of energy, too.

Paraphrasing your own content or others’ can be a difficult process. Tools that ease the paraphrasing work will make it much easier to publish human-quality and original content while also getting higher search engine rankings.

We hope this guide helped you find the best tool for paraphrasing. Paraphrasing tools will help you write better articles for backlinking and guest posting. Students can also use this program to make essays and assignments better.

Many Paraphrasing tools offer both free and paid services. Some of the paraphrasing tools are available for a lifetime when you buy them. Before paying for a product, I would suggest signing up for their free trial.

There are many tools to paraphrase. Which one is best for you? Let us know in the comments.

FAQ about Best Paraphrasing Tool

What is the best free paraphrasing tool?

According to our research Quillbot is best free paraphrasing tool. QuillBot is a dedicated writing and research assistant that can help you with everything from capturing the ideas in your head to crafting articles ready for publication. The website offers users many options, including the ability to upload Word docs, as well as directly inputting text into their system’s “text box” in order to get results quickly. Other than Quillbot you can also try all the other tools such as spin rewriter, Word AI which are perfect for your needs.

Which is best paraphrasing tool online?

Spin Rewriter is best paraphrasing tool online according to our study. This tool uses ENL semantic technology to actually understand the meaning of the content before starting any paraphrasing. Their subscription plan is also affordable as compare to others and the features they are offering. It paraphrase your content on paragraph, sentence and word level and passes the Copyscape to make to 100% unique.

What is better than QuillBot?

Spin Rewriter is one of the best QuillBot alternatives. It is a simple, easy to use paraphrasing tool that makes writing easier with the ENL technology. Free alternatives like spinbot, bestrewriter, spinner chief 6.0(free version) are also good to go.

How do you paraphrase for free?

The best way to paraphrase for free is by using Quillbot, Spinbot, SmallSEOtool paraphraser, bestrewriter, tools which gives good output.
1. First go to any free paraphrasing tool.
2. Enter or upload your text.
3. Click on the submit button to spin the content.
4. Check the output given by the tool and make appropriate changes according to your need.
You can try and use according to your needs. You can check above article for more paraphrasing tools.

Is QuillBot the best paraphrasing tool?

Yes if you are looking for a free version of paraphrasing tool which gives better output then Quillbot is best paraphrasing tool.

Which is better QuillBot or Spinbot?

Both are good for paraphrasing but QuillBot is best developed paraphrasing tool, when you need to paraphrase content quickly, then this online paraphrasing tool will be your best choice. Spinbot is best for people who are comfortable with some level of automation. Whereas QuillBot has a more sophisticated interface which makes it user friendly and easier to use.

What is the best website for paraphrasing?

According to our study Spin rewriter and Quillbot both are best websites for paraphrasing. You can try others tools too and select the best one as per your needs.

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